honey soy salmon real eats

Honey Soy Salmon with Brown Rice by RealEats


6 minutes

Taste ranking

Yummy! 90%
honey soy salmon real eats

This meal from the RealEats weekly menu collection is a classic Asian flavored dish, and it was pleasantly delicious.


The meals arrived fully prepared and packed in three different vacuumed bags, to keep them fresh and full of their original nutrients. All we needed to do was put the bags in a pot full of boiling water for 3-6 minutes and let them heat up – that’s it!

Once it was ready, we carefully opened the bags and plated the meal for serving. The honey-soy glazed Faroe island salmon was tender and full of flavor, and due to this cooking method, it promised to be packed with healthy omega-3.

We also loved the sweet flavor of the ginger carrots on the side and the brown basmati rice finished the dish beautifully. This lean meat is not only delicious, but it also has a very low-calorie count of 430 calories.

Most of the RealEats prepared meals, are low in calories but also very generously portioned.

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