sun basket lettuce cups meal

Sun Basket Thai Chicken Lettuce Cups


20 minutes

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Yummy! 90%
sun basket lettuce cups meal

This version was Thai food-style, with a quick and easy carb made from ground chicken


Lettuce cups dishes are one of our favorite meals to cook and eat. Why? Because they are so easy to prepare and usually delicious and healthy, resulting in a light and tasty dinner.

Preparation was easy, involving washing and drying the lettuce cups and pickling the onion, which is always such a nice added touch. Next, we stir-fried the ground chicken with the paleo stir fry chicken blend made from fish sauce, sesame oil, garlic, and ginger, and then served! Simple, colorful and delicious. We served the separate components on the table, and each one of us assembled our own lettuce cup according to our preferences. Such a fun way to eat!

Sun Basket is known as a company that uses only sustainably sourced and organic ingredients and supports many different lifestyle and dietary needs. In keeping with this philosophy, this meal is suitable for the paleo, gluten-free friendly, low-calorie (only 350 calories per serving), dairy-free and soy-free diets. It is also ideal for the Mediterranean, low-carb and diabetes dietary needs.

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