Benefits of Organic Food

Benefits of Eating Organic Foods

What is Organic Food?

Organic food produce includes foods that are grown and processed without the help of chemical pesticides, ionizing radiation, or GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms).  The farmers do not apply fertilizers made from petroleum or sewage sludge. In terms of livestock, those raised for certified organic meat, eggs, and dairy products must have outdoor access and only eat feed that is organic. Antibiotics and growth hormones are not allowed, and they may not be fed any animal by-products.

Benefits of organic food:

The benefits of organic foods can be grouped into six basic categories:

  • Fewer chemical pesticides. Organic growers use natural methods to control pests. Birds and insects which are the natural predators for each particular plant’s pests can be attracted to the crops. One exciting procedure is to companion plant, which is pairing species in the rows that have been found to ward off pests when planted together. There are also traps which capture the pests.  If the farmers still need to do more than these methods, they can apply naturally-derived pesticides.
  • Antibiotics and hormone-free. Organically-grown livestock are not given antibiotics. Over-use of antibiotics can cause the bacteria to build up resistance. Many people also feel their own immune systems are weakened by ingesting antibiotics. The feed for these animals is all organic, containing no hormones, no animal by-products or GMOs. Even the fertilizers used on the feed crops are natural, free from chemical and synthetic ingredients.
  • Animal welfare. Organically raised animals are provided with more space to enable more freedom of movement. They also are given access to the outdoors, where sun exposure and fresh air contribute to their health and welfare. .If the animals are also free-range and cage-free, they develop increased amounts of CLA (conjugated linoleic acid). This is a fatty-acid that is good for the heart, as it improves cardiovascular protections. It helps humans as it remains in the animal’s tissues, which we eat.
  • Eco friendly. Organic practices are much more beneficial to the environment than conventional farming. Because they don’t put chemicals in the ecosystem, they reduce pollution. Farming organically improves soil quality, so less water is needed and erosion is reduced, while fertility improves. Less energy is used as well. Elimination of chemical pesticides protects not only people in the vicinity, but birds and animals too.
  • Better natural taste. Fruits and vegetables have been found in tests to usually taste better when grown organically, while a difference in meats is less detectable. Generally tests conclude that organic fruits and vegetables have a more intense flavor. This is possibly due to an increased level of antioxidants, and also the lower average volume in organic crop yields. Because smaller yields mean a higher availability of nitrogen to each plant, quality is enhanced.
  • Freshness of foods. Organic produce quite often is grown on smaller farms, situated closer to where it is sold. This is true especially for those crops sold in local farmers’ markets. Shorter transport times mean the crops can be harvested when they are ripe, rather than being picked early and forced to ripen on the road, on grocery shelves or in storage. The result is fresher and much more flavorful taste.

Clearly, there are many benefits for consuming and eating organic food. whether you already eat organic foods as your routine or if you would like to switch habits to eating organic foods , you should consider using a meal kit delivery service – a subscription-based service that sends the customer a box containing pre-portioned ingredient items for specific recipes. All that remains to be done is combine the ingredients, cook and serve. with meal kits,  not only will you be saving time on grocery shopping and thinking about what to cook for dinner, but it will most likely also save you money!

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