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Hello Fresh FAQ: All You Need to Know

Hello Fresh is one of our favorite meal kit companies. HelloFresh comes with customized, high-quality ingredients and easy-to-follow recipes to easily cook dinners at home at your convenience.

We know you might be looking around for meal plans to suit your diet. So In this article, we gathered all the frequently asked questions you might have and answered them one by one.

HelloFresh is a weekly meal kit subscription service that offers various meal plans and includes 20+ meals that perfectly suit any healthy diet. 

The company offers meal plans accommodating a family of two people (classic plan) or four people (family plan). There are also vegetarian plan, pescatarian plan, and low-calorie plan.

The service is also recommended for busy single foodies, with plenty of fantastic recipes to have dinner variety and leftovers for lunch throughout your week.

Some, but not all, of our ingredients are organic. The focus of HelloFresh is on helping our customers make those first steps towards cooking well-balanced meals at home. 

While most of their products are not organic, their main focus is what produces looks and tastes best.

HelloFresh facilities are segregated by packaging that results in protection from cross-contact. However, they do not specifically tailor meals to specific allergies. 

HelloFresh has a dietitian team that reviews every ingredient for any of the eight major allergens: wheat, dairy, soy, eggs, nuts, peanuts, fish, and shellfish. On each meal’s details on the website, you can find information regarding which allergens it contains.

HelloFresh has committed to offsetting 100% of our direct CO2 emissions, making us the first global carbon-neutral meal kit company. Additionally, using Hello Fresh means less waste and packaging than standard grocery shopping.

HelloFresh uses special gel icing packs to help keep your food preserved while it travels. You shouldn’t pour it down the drain since the gel can clog it. Cut open the ice pack to empty it and dispose of the gel in the trash.

HelloFresh offers four meal types for different dietary needs: Meat & veggies for regular dieters, veggie-only, low calorie (calorie-smart meals), carb-smart, and kids and family-friendly.

The meal choices per week are changing, so you are sure to get various meals from many culinary styles – from Italian to Asian-style meals, Mexican style, and all-American. There are even some gourmet meals like steak or scallops.

HelloFresh offers six optional plans. With each plan, you can choose two to five recipes per week for two or four people.

  • Classic Meat & Veggies Plan – Classic dinner meals for a regular diet.
  • Family-friendly Plan – Kid-tested recipes that everyone in the family can enjoy.
  • Veggie Plan – Fresh and seasonal vegetarian meals.
  • Quick and easy plan – no-fuss recipes, with hardly no prep, fast cooking, and fast cleanup time.
  • Pescatarian plan – with vegetarian, seafood, and fish recipes.
  • Calorie-Smart Plan – dietitian-approved recipes with around 650 calories per serving.

Unfortunately, Hello Fresh does not offer a dedicated vegan meal kits plan. They have a fantastic selection of vegetarian meal options that can sometimes also be vegan.


HellFresh is perfect for vegetarians. The company offers a dedicated veggie plan, with four to six recipe options to choose from every week. The veggie meals are full of seasonal produce and are tempting for vegetarians and non-vegetarians! You can find options like chickpea ribollita stew, bibimbap rice bowl, or kale, lentil & quinoa super salad.

Unfortunately, Hello Fresh does not offer gluten-free, dairy-free, or nut-free meals. It’s too challenging to pre-make meals with specific allergen restrictions. They leave it to the customers to review the recipes each week and determine which ones best meet their dietary needs.

HelloFresh has an excellent low-calorie meal plan, with meal kits that are dietician-approved and average around 650 calories per serving. These meals are called ‘Calorie-Smart’ meals on the menu.

The meals are quick and easy to make in about 30 minutes with a recipe card, and while they are low on the calorie count, they are delicious and tempting to try!

You can find meal options like steakhouse-style pork chops with green beans or spiced turkey tabbouleh salad with feta cheese on the calories-smart menu.

HelloFresh delivers to all states except for Hawaii or Alaska.

While Hello Fresh is an excellent meal kit delivery service with a varied dinners menu, the company does not offer breakfast, lunch, and dessert recipes on their weekly menu.

For those of you with a sweet tooth, check out our review of the best meal kits with dessert options.

The Hello Fresh veggie ingredients are designed to stay fresh and suitable for use for the entire week after delivery with proper refrigeration. As for the proteins – Hello Fresh recommends keeping them frozen until a few hours before use. If refrigerated, use the meats within five days and seafood and fife within two days.

This service offers options for families of four and couples and does not offer a dedicated singles plan. But from our experience, singles can subscribe to the two-person plan and use the access meals to hosted friends or for next-day lunch.

Absolutely yes!

Hello Fresh makes excellent gifts to that busy mom or friend looking for better dinner experience and want to try a meal kit delivery service.

You can purchase the gift card through the website, with amounts from $65 to $130. the service then email the gift to your recipient or as a printable version to your email inbox

If you aren’t home to receive your box, the delivery box can be left at your door.

Thanks to the Hello Fresh specially designed insulating box and ice packs, you can rest assured that all ingredients will be cool and safe for hours until you return home and unpack the delivery.

HelloFresh takes pride in the high quality of ingredients they supply. If any element you got in your delivery box is missing or damaged, contact customer support. You may use the link here to reach out to the Hello Fresh support team via chat or email.

The Hello Fresh culinary team takes an on-site visit to every meat vendor they work with to ensure the operation is food safe for all the ingredients used.

Most meals come with meat that is primarily sourced domestically. They follow federal guidelines regarding hormones in meat products. Their chicken and pork supplies are hormone-free, and seafoods are picked  with sustainability standards as well. 

All of the Hello Fresh delicious dinners offer  fresh ingredients from trusted and experienced partners, all to ensure high quality and seasonal produce that is delivered at peak freshness to their customers. 

Even though Hello Fresh is a weekly subscription meal delivery service, you do have the ability to skip weeks whenever needed.

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