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35 minutes

Taste ranking

Nice 80%
Shrimp Tacos Diablo with Pickled Cabbage & Lime by Sun Basket

The dish was nice, the shrimp were of high quality, but I felt overall that the dish was missing some juiciness.


The Cooking Process:

Step One

Making the quick-pickled cabbage: I began the cabbage preparation by  chopping half the cilantro and setting the remaining sprigs aside for garnish later. In a medium bowl I combined the cabbage, chopped cilantro, and quick-pickle brine, added some salt and pepper and tossed to coat. Once it was ready Ii set this aside to allow the cabbage to rest and soak up the brine.

Step Two
Cooking the poblano

Cooking the poblano:  I heated some oil in a large frying pan until it was hot but not smoking.  While the oil was heating I thinly slicing the poblano lengthwise and then added this to the pain. I seasoned with salt, and cooked, stirring occasionally, until the poblano had softened which took about 4 minutes. Once it was ready I transferred the cooked poblanos to a plate.

Step Three
Cooking the Shrimps

Cooking the shrimp: Firstly, I rinsed and drained  the shrimp, then juiced half of the lime and finely chopped the chile. In the same pan I used for the poblano I added some oil and warmed over a medium-high heat. I added the shrimp, stirred and seasoned lightly with salt and pepper, and cooked lightly for about 1 minute. I then added the diablo sauce and some fresh chile, then reduced the heat to low, and cooked until the shrimp were firm and cooked through. Once the shrimp were ready I removed them from the heat and added the lime juice and seasoned with some with salt and pepper.

Step Four
Warming the tortillas

Warming the tortillas: I used 4 tortillas from the package that Sun Basket sent. On a dry medium frying pan I warmed the tortillas until just pliable and warm, which only took about 30 seconds per side.

Step Five
Shrimp Tacos Diablo with Pickled Cabbage & Lime by Sun Basket

Plating and Serving – I transferred the tortillas to plates (2 tortillas per serving) and topped with the shrimp, pickled cabbage, poblano, and a bit of the diablo sauce that was remaining in the pan. I crumbled queso fresco on top and garnished with the pumpkin seeds and remaining cilantro sprigs and served immediately.

On a Personal Note:

I really appreciate the quality of products that Sun Basket send. Everything is fresh, organic and as healthy as possible. I love Tacos, and they are usually easy to make, which was the case with this recipe. The dish was nice but there were some elements of it that were a little average. I expected the flavors to be a bit spicier. Also, I felt that the dish needed some additional spicy aioli or a more generous serving of the diablo sauce as it really needed additional liquid as the dish did seem a little dry. Another thing to note for next time is that when shrimp are going inside a taco, it is better to cut the tails off in advance.  

  • Post published:February 11, 2018
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