Burmese Shredded Chicken By Gobble


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This dish was good with a great Burmese taste. I have to say though, from my point of view, that a dish like this does not really feel like cooking, It is rather more like putting something together that is already cooked. If that is what you are after in terms of less preparation and cooking time, then Gobble is a great option.


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The Cooking Process:

I love eastern style food and as I have never cooked Burmese style cuisine, I was very excited to try this one.

Step One

Preparations – There was very minimal preparation required.  I simply needed to slice the lime into wedges and then rinse and dry the lettuce before cutting it into bite size pieces. That was all!

Step Two

Mixing the salad The gem lettuce that Gobble had sent looked beautiful and it was quite big for 2 servings. In a mixing bowl I added the lettuce, Burmese tea leaves , a squeeze of lime juice, olive oil and some salt and pepper and tossed all the ingredients together to combine.

Step Three

Making the tomato chutney shredded chicken –  I started by simply add the lemongrass confit, turmeric and the tomato chutney into a medium pot, and bringing this to a gentle simmer which took about 3 minutes. I then  opened the shredded chicken package and spooned the already cooked chicken and its juices into the sauce. I simmered the chicken in the sauce for approximately 4 minutes until it was warmed through. I then turned the heat off and left the pan covered. The sauce smelled good and the chicken appeared to be very tender, despite being already cooked.  

Step Four

Heating the coconut rice I was surprised to see that the rice was already cooked and needed only heating in the microwave. I placed the coconut rice in a bowl, covered with a wet damp paper towel and microwaved it for 90 seconds. I then stirred and microwaved it for a further 60 seconds.

Step Five

Plating and serving I divided the rice between two serving bowls and poured the chicken on top of it. I then simply placed the tea leaf salad on the side of each plate and served immediately.

On a Personal Note:

For me, this dish was representative of the essence of Gobble. It was very easy to make and had a lovely flavor.  Gobble offers some seemingly complicated and sophisticated dishes, with an amazing preparation time of no longer than 15 minutes. But it does not really feel like cooking. The chicken was already cooked and just needed to be heated with its sauce. The rice was also already cooked and needed to be warmed in the microwave. It’s a great alternative to the ready to heat meal box. The Gobble service is a perfect match for people who have little desire or time for cooking but would still like to have freshly prepared meals at home.

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