We Tried Gobble Meal Delivery Service

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Now it is the beginning of summer and I find myself being the main source of entertainment to my two amazing, yet very demanding daughters. By the end of the day, I am left with near to zero energy. Due to this, I decided that it was probably the perfect week to try out the Gobble Meal Kit service. When I first heard about Gobble, I was intrigued. The reason is that the Gobble meal delivery service is quite unique and certainly stands out – they make the promise that all their meals take only 15 minutes to cook! This sounded like the perfect solution for a busy mommy like me! What a great guarantee for all those busy people who wish to spend a minimum time cooking dinner, but still wish to eat well, and enjoy healthy, home cooked meals.

I received the Gobble box first thing Monday morning. I have to say I loved the design of the Box-  it made me look forward to seeing what was inside and to get on with the super quick cooking! Upon opening the box I found all the ingredients packed, labeled and organised by each particular dish. There was also a large amount of ice to keep everything nicely cooled while in transit. What is really appealing about Gobble is that all the of the ingredients come portioned, peeled, chopped and marinated. This is done to ensure that your cooking experience will be as trouble free and quick as possible.

Gobble Products
Gobble Products
Gobble Box- Loved the design
Gobble Box- Loved the design

All the ingredients inside the box looked lovely – especially the beautiful cauliflower tops and the fresh sugar snap peas. The sirloin steak and the shrimp were both vacuum packed to guarantee their freshness until you chose to use them. The excellent quality of ingredients came as no surprise to me, as I know that Gobble sources great local and farm-fresh ingredients. From vegetables to proteins to pastas – it seems that Gobble will go a long way to deliver you the same quality of ingredients as used by top restaurants. Lastly and certainly not least of all, Gobble, unlike other meal kit services, send most of their ingredients partly cooked, or already prepared and vacuum sealed. This both cuts down on preparation time and ensures the quality of your ingredients.

Another very satisfying thing about Gobble is the amazing variety that they offer! Gobble changes their menu every week, offering an outstanding number of 24 dishes on a weekly basis. The menu is very comfortably divided into four sections – ‘From the Range’, ‘From the Ranch’, ‘From the Sea’, and ‘From the Earth’. In each section you will find six dishes and among these you will be able to find options for child friendly, dairy free, low carb and gluten free meals.

Gobble menu ranch
Gobble menu- ranch
gobble range
Gobble menu- range
gobble menu earth
Gobble menu- Earth

In my Gobble box for two-people I received the following dishes:

  • Pan-seared Sirloin Steak
  • Prawn Linguine
  • Paneer & Cauliflower Tikka Masala
Gobble recipes pages
Gobble recipes pages

I cooked each dish one by one, following the very detailed and easy to follow recipe pages, and following is my personal review of each one:

Pan-seared Sirloin Steak

Name of dish: Pan-seared Sirloin Steak

Cooking time: 14 minutes

Taste ranking: 95%

Sometimes, there is nothing quite like good piece of steak for dinner! It is even more perfect when it only takes about 15 minutes to cook! Both my husband and I loved the sirloin steak, and the béarnaise sauce was just delicious! The dish came with two side dishes – roasted fingerling potatoes and sugar snap peas.  Both were classic sides for a lovely steak, and together they made a beautiful and flavour some meal. 

As always with Gobble, the dish was very easy to cook. All that was required was to heat the potatoes in the oven for 10 minutes. While the potatoes were heating I cooked the steak and the snap peas in a sauté pan. That was it! The béarnaise sauce came ready-to-use, so to serve, I simply had to plate the steak, potatoes and peas and pour the sauce over the steak. Super easy.

Prawn Linguine by Gobble

Name of dish: Prawn Linguine

Cooking time: 16 minutes

Taste ranking: 100

This dish was so delicious that I could not fault it – I had to give it the perfect score!  The star of the dish was undoubtedly the preserved lemon. Preserved lemons are made from whole lemons that have been soaked in brine for a month or so with their juices, salt and on occasion, some spices. They added so much fragrance and flavour and were a perfect match for the prawns. The meal was a delight! The quality of the remaining ingredients of this dish was just wonderful. Fresh shrimp, hand-made linguini pasta, sun-dried tomatoes, sweet peas, a pinch of parsley, garlic and shallot confit, butter and white wine. It all combined perfectly to create an elegant, light and satisfying pasta with a lovely twist from the preserved lemon.

This dish also was very easy to prepare.  Since the pasta was fresh it only took a few minutes to cook.  Cooking the shrimp on a hot pan took about 5 minutes, and the sauce was very easy and quick to make.  The butter, garlic-shallot confit, sun-dried tomatoes, preserved lemons, wine and peas were all combined and cooked together for few brief minutes. The last thing to do was just mix it all up and serve immediately to the table. What a lovely summery meal!

Paneer & Cauliflower Tikka Masala

Name of dish: Paneer & Cauliflower Tikka Masala

Cooking time: 16 minutes

Taste ranking: 87

I love Indian food in general, but especially paneer cheese and masala! I don’t often cook Indian cuisine, since there seems to be many components to each recipe, so I was very excited about trying this dish. The cauliflower was perfect – fresh, deep white and hard, and I loved the fact that the rice came already cooked. It simply needed to be reheated. After a short time heating it in the microwave, I was really surprised at how lovely and fluffy it was and what great flavors were contained in it. Again, like all Gobble dishes, this meal was super easy to cook. I  browned the paneer and cauliflower on a hot pan for five minutes, while also toasting the naan bread on the oven rack. I then mixed the cooked cauliflower with the Tikka Masala spice blend and the Indian sofrito for another three minutes, finally adding the yogurt for a creamy finish. Lastly, I heated the rice in the microwave for two minutes.

We enjoyed it very much! The only negative about this meal that I feel should be mentioned, is that  the number of calories was very high – 1050 calories per serving. Something to consider if you are trying to watch your weight.

So who is it for?

From my point of view, Gobble is most attractive for busy people. Perhaps you are a couple, both working full time, or you are managing work and a full house with minimum spare time on your hands. Gobble is also very appealing to people who just don’t like spending too much time in the kitchen, but who would still like to enjoy quality home cooked meals.

I really can’t emphasize enough how convenient it is to have a delicious but incredibly quick meal delivery like Gobble when your time is limited! It really doesn’t take longer than 15 minutes to cook a perfect dinner.

In conclusion

I enjoyed my Gobble experience – both the easy cooking and delicious meals that felt like they had been designed by professional chefs. The meals were so delicious that our Gobble experience was like fine-dining in the comfort of our own home.

With Gobble you can receive three or more delicious evening meals every week at an affordable price while at the same time enjoying restaurant quality meals at home. You can easily find something to suit your needs, since among their 24 weekly meal options they include some child friendly, dairy free or gluten free meals.

Gobble is a great meal kit service to use if you want your life to be super easy and would love to be able to enjoy great homemade dinners in the shortest amount of time possible. No grocery shopping or ingredient preparation is required with your Gobble cooking experience!  

If you have limited spare time – Gobble is the meal kit service for you!