The convenience, cost-effectiveness, and ease of preparation with this company was notable.

Pricing:  11.99$ per serving for all plans. Shipping cost is 6.99$

(Updated to May 2018)

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Quick Intro to the Company

I was quite impressed with the ease of using Gobble for quick and easy meal preparation. The convenience, cost-effectiveness, and ease of preparation with this company was notable. What I like about it is that they prep the foods and everything comes portioned – courtesy of the world-class chefs who do it all for you. I loved the 3-step recipes – really convenient. Dinners can be whipped together in just a couple of minutes – for single meals or family meals. It’s pretty convenient.  Let me tell you, it was really easy to cook with Gobble’s Meal Kits – I really enjoyed this company’s services.

How it Works

Getting started is easy. Since everything comes in a labeled bag already sliced and diced, I didn’t have to do very much to put all the ingredients together. The convenience of pre-selecting meals and having them dropped off is priceless. I love that these meals can be cooked in around 15 minutes. And I love that there are 8 dish selections per week. Every selection comes with a 3-step recipe. It all gets mixed together and prepared in 1 pan. The flexibility of Gobble meal kits is another feather in their cap. I changed my orders a couple of times and they didn’t complain. You just decide what works best for you and you’re good.

The company’s CEO loves eating healthy and it’s great to know that there are loads of veggie meal options at Gobble. Meals can be assigned automatically, and weekly deliveries are made direct to your door. When I opened my first delivery box, I was impressed with the quality of the ingredients. Three dinner meal kits are allocated according to your personal preferences. If you want to change meals at any time – it’s easily done. With Gobble, you get between 4 & 5 menus at a time. It’s best to place orders in advance to ensure that they’re available for you.

Gobble Box
Burmese shredded chicken
Burmese Shredded Chicken by Gobble
Pan seared scallops
Pan seared scallops by Gobble

Plans You Can Choose

So, here’s the deal. You get one price of $11.95 for each meal when you order 6+ meals. If you decide to only order 4 meals, it’s a little costlier at $13.95 per meal. The total cost of 6 meals is $71.70.

There are just 2 subscription plans now. The first is for 2 people – 6 meals per week. The second one is the one I chose – dinner meal kits for 4 people with 12 meals per week. It’s easy to change things up whenever you want. One thing I do want to point out though is that the minimum for delivery is 4 meals after you’ve placed your first order.

Special Plans and Offers

I was lucky enough to find this great discount offer for Gobble >>$50 Off<<

Weekly Recipes Available

In terms of their recipes, it’s easy to check the selections under the Upcoming Menus tab. I found 8 recipes ready to order, and they are really tasty. I was impressed with the quality of the food. No doubt about it. Only gripe I have is that there is no app for me to order on.

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