Best Soy-Free Meal Kits

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A factor of our modern times that we cannot escape is the increase in many food allergies.  One widespread allergy is that of soy allergy.

Soy allergy means a reaction of sorts to any product that contains soybeans. Often, soy allergy begins in early childhood as a reaction to soy-based infant formula. Many children grow out of this allergy, but it can be carried into adulthood.  


Also, some people just find they have an intolerance to it or do not wish to include any soybean-related products in their diet. Mild symptoms of soy allergy can include hives, sensitive skin, and abdominal issues.

If you are on a soy-free diet, it is logical to assume that you will find it challenging to maintain a healthy and diverse diet, as so many products now contain some sort of derivative of the soybean.   This is where meal kits come in – not only do they provide menu options free of soy, but they also ensure a wide range of delicious and nutritious choices.

As a bonus, using a meal service means convenience – your menu planning is done for you as well as the shopping and, in many cases, the meal preparation itself!

In this Soy-free meal delivery review, we look at a list of companies that provide an exciting range of soy-free meals.

We need to make it very clear that the following services state that the meals are made in facilities that also deal with soy products, and they have not been certified as soy-free companies.

All the ingredients are individually packaged, and every effort is made to avoid cross-contamination, but it cannot be guaranteed.

If you have severe soy allergies, we recommend that you DO NOT use these services.

What's in this review?



1. Sunbasket Soy-Free Meal Kit Options

Sun Basket is a well-established meal kit company that provides a diverse, healthy menu with meal plans catering to many dietary and allergy requirements.

As someone looking for soy-free options, you will be reassured to know that all menu items on the Sun Basket menu that are soy-free are marked, and you can filter the menu, so it presents only soy-free options. 

Sunbasket offers a satisfying menu of over 20 different meals per week, and you will be able to find menu options that are delicious and will leave you feeling satisfied with their creative dishes. The meals are designed to be very easy to cook, with easy-to-follow recipe cards. 

The company only uses organic and farm-fresh sustainable vegetables, their meats are top class, and seafood is sustainably sourced as well.

Organic & Soy-Free Meal Kits to Try From SunBasket:

  • Salmon tacos with cabbage slaw, salsa Roja, and chipotle yogurt
  • Lemongrass beef over “zoodles” with pickled radishes and carrots
  • Seared wild sea scallops with rainbow chard, pancetta, and gremolata
  • Mediterranean chicken over fresh ricotta cavatelli and asparagus

Other diets that SunBasket caters to are low-carb, Paleo, vegetarian, Mediterranean, gluten-free meal plan, and more.

Salmon and Quinoa Bowl with Wilted Greens by Sun Basket
Salmon and Quinoa Bowl with Wilted Greens by Sun Basket

2. Home Chef Soy-Free Friendly Meal Kit Service

With Home Chef, you will enjoy delicious meals that take no longer than 30 minutes to prepare, and even much less in many cases. The company offers food plans for 2, 4, or 6 people to fit couples, families, and even singles.

Home Chef clearly marks all allergens on their menu items, and you will easily be able to find delicious meals that can fit a soy-free diet lifestyle.

Home Chef loves bringing people together over an evening meal, and they do this by delivering classic meals that include delicious twists – with affordable pricing. 

The weekly menu is made up of 20+ recipes that are ideal for evening dining, and they also have the option of three ‘five-minute lunch options.

No-Soy Meal Kits to Try From Home Chef:

  • Sirloin steak with garlic-tomato Aioli sauce and broiled onion risotto
  • Philly cheesesteak enchiladas with green and red peppers
  • Pork cheeseburger lettuce wraps topped with thousand island dressing
  • French onion meatloaf with mashed potatoes and green beans

Other diets and lifestyles that Home Chef caters to are carb-conscious, low-calorie, vegetarian, oven-ready meals with no cooking needed, and speedy 15 minutes meal kits.

Parmesan Crusted Salmon by Home chef
Parmesan Crusted Salmon by Home chef

Quick View:

Freshly is a prepared meal service that offers a non-frozen meal delivery subscription. All of the Freshly meals are pre-cooked and contain ingredients that are healthy and gluten-free.

See here Freshly’s Promotions

3. Freshly- Soy-Free & Gluten-Free Prepared Meals Delivery Service

Freshly is a unique meal delivery, offering pre-prepared chef-designed gluten-free meals, so eating healthy becomes easy.

The service supports the convenience of having every meal delivered freshly cooked and not frozen and saves you lots of time on grocery shopping, cooking, and cleaning-up time. By ordering from Freshly, you can spend more time doing what you love because the meals only need to be heated for three minutes in the microwave.

With as many as 36 meals and newly added meals each week, you can enjoy a delicious dinner or lunch with no prep at all. Among the weekly menu, there are plenty of soy-free meals for you to enjoy. As a customer, you can set your dietary preferences and get meals that work for your diet. For every meal, you can also see the ingredient list and categories (including soy-free).

The Freshly meals arrive as one serving per meal, and you can set your subscription for 4, 6, 10, or 12 meals per week.

Soy-Free Dishes to Try From Freshly:

  • Cauliflower shell beef bolognese with a blend of parmesan and asiago cheeses
  • Bistro onion chicken with mashed potatoes & roasted veggies
  • Umami turkey meatloaf with creamed spinach & cauliflower mash
  • Broccoli rabe turkey sausage with greens & vegetables

Freshly is good for other diets and lifestyles: high protein, low-carb, athletes, gluten-free diet, and more.

Sausage&peppers Freshlyfit
Sausage & peppers by Freshly

Quick Veestro Review:

Veestro is a prepared meal delivery service that is all about plant-based foods. The Veestro menu includes over 60 delicious vegan meal options for you to enjoy.

Click to see Veestro special deals

4. Veestro- Plant-Based Meal Delivery Service With Soy-Free Friendly Options

Veestro is another good option if you are looking for prepared meal service. When you order from Veestro, you get frequent delivery of plant-based meals. It’s like an autopilot for plant-based food to help you reach your health goals and enjoy delicious and creative meals while doing so.

The Veestro weekly menu includes dishes that can suit dinner, lunch, or breakfast, with ample choices for a soy-free diet.

Veestro offers the option to subscribe for 10, 20, or 30 single dishes per delivery. You can also order from them as a one-time order.

Soy-Free Dishes to Try From Veestro:

  • Blend mushrooms risotto with green peas, kale, and heirloom carrots
  • Mushroom Stroganoff
  • Creamed Spinach Bombay with garbanzo beans and basmati rice
  • Pizza Napoletana with Thin crust and basil

Other diets that Veestro is suitable for are high protein diet, weight-loss diet, gluten-free diet, and more.

Pasta bolognese by veestro
Pasta bolognese by Veestro

Final Notes

As you can see from this soy-free meal delivery services review, there are many options you can choose from, each with a slightly different offering. Whatever you choose from the above, we are sure it will make your life more convenient and keep your eating healthy.

We feel the need to remind again that those services create the dishes in facilities that also deal with soy products. Therefore, they are not certified as soy-free meal delivery companies and are not recommended to use if you have a severe soy allergy.


Generally speaking, vegan meal delivery services all focus on healthy foods, but each one focuses on different niches; using only organic produce, offering meals for the gluten-free diet or weight loss diet, and others that provide only ready-to-eat meals.

From our long experience with this industry, we can say that the best meal kit service to consider in this category is SunBasket, and the best meal delivery with premade recipes is Veestro.

There are many gluten-free options to consider if you have gluten sensitivity or you’re on a gluten-free diet as a lifestyle choice, each with different offerings – only-organic ingredients, pre-portioned ingredients to cook at home, or only ready-to-eat meals.

Our most recommended meal kit service that is gluten-free friendly is Sunbasket. The most recommended prepared food service is Freshly (which is Gluten-Free certified since the facility does not handle gluten!)

You can read HERE about it in our review of the best gluten-free meal delivery.

HelloFresh meal kit service does not offer a specific plan for a gluten-free diet, nore for any other allergen-free diet. 


With that said, their team of dietitians does make sure to review the meals and identify if it contains any of the major eight allergens, including wheat. Information for each meal kit about potential allergens is noted on the menu next to the meal.

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