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If you are considering using a meal kit service, then you now have an endless array of companies to choose from. There are meal kit companies that cater to almost every dietary requirement, lifestyle, and budget. The choices can be overwhelming when trying to decide which is the best meal kit company for you to use. That is why we are here – to provide detailed company comparisons so you will have all the information you need, to decide on the company that is best suited to your needs.

Many people’s main concern when looking at a meal kit service is expensive it will be. So today we are looking at the two most affordable meal kit service companies around.

If budget is your priority and you want the cheapest meal kit services available, then this comparison between Dinnerly and EveryPlate is just for you.

Dinnerly is quite new to the industry and offers a low-price meal kit service. Dinnerly is ideal for those who love to cook at home but resent paying too much for their meals. the company is all about making your evening meals easier with incredibly tasty meals that cost around only $10 for dinner for two people! EveryPlate is also focused on the bottom line by bringing you super affordable meals that cost a fraction of what most other meal kit companies cost. They use less packaging and keep things simple with fewer ingredients to bring you tasty, appealing and generous sized meals at a bargain price.

EveryPlate Unbox
Dinnerly Meal Kit Review

EveryPlate Vs Dinnerly: Dive in to Full Comparison: $5 Meal Kits

Variety of plan:

Dinnerly & EveryPlate both offer two different plans that are available on a subscription basis. You can choose from a two-person box which caters for two people with three meals a week or alternatively there is the family-box which caters for four people with three meals a week.  

Variety of dishes:

Dinnerly offers a pleasing amount of variety with a weekly changing menu made up of six tempting meal kits every week. Most of the recipes can be prepared in under 30 minutes, and you will find some vegetarian and child-friendly recipes as well.

As an EveryPlate customer, you have a weekly changing menu made up of five delicious meals. EveryPlate meal kits are generally quite classic allowing for easy cooking without the use of too many pots, pans or complicated processes. Customers also have the weekly choice of a premium meal which is available for an additional $3.00 per person and usually includes something like steak or seafood.

Steak Frites by EveryPlate
Steak Frites by EveryPlate
Roasted red peppers panini by Dinnerly
Roasted red peppers panini by Dinnerly

The taste test & quality of ingredients:

Part of our review process at the meal kit review means tasting a selection of meal kits from every company we review. We are pleased to say that we enjoyed our experience with both Dinnerly and EveryPlate.

We were a little surprised at how good everything tasted with Dinnerly! Considering how low the price is, the quality of ingredients was high, and the result was delicious. All the meals were easy to cook and tasted great. They were also generously portioned and overall very satisfying.

Likewise, with EveryPlate we were pleasantly surprised by our experience. It is easy to have a low expectation when a meal kit service is so affordably priced, but we were really pleased with everything we tried. Every one of the meals was simple to cook and came with an easy to follow recipe card and more importantly tasted fabulous. We also loved the quality of all the ingredients that were supplied which were all high quality, despite the low prices.

EveryPlate review
Dinnerly Box

The Box:

The Dinnerly delivery arrived in a medium-sized labeled box. The proteins were packed at the bottom of the box with enough ice to keep them cool. Part of keeping the cost down with Dinnerly is by using minimum packaging, so all the individual ingredients were not separated per meal. This required a little sorting after unpacking, but it did not take long to put everything away.

The EveryPlate delivery also arrives in a medium-sized labeled box. All the meal ingredients are packed in a smaller internal box, and the proteins are packed at the bottom of the box with enough ice to keep them cool. The box includes some recipe cards which includes ingredient information and cooking instructions. To ensure their pricing is kept low, the packaging is kept at a minimum, so meal kit ingredients are not sorted which you will need to do yourself. This only takes a moment, and it means low prices can be maintained. It is also much better for the environment.

The App and Website:

Registering and managing your subscription is super easy to do via the Dinnerly website. You can register, order your meals, change your meal selections, update your details, change payment methods and manage all details of your account online. You can also access your past orders to keep track of the meals you have tried in addition to having a look at future menus. This includes recipes, list of ingredients and nutritional facts for every meal kit. To register you just need to press the ‘sign up’ button and then follow the order process. This involves choosing your preferred plan, advising your location, selecting delivery times and paying. The final step is selecting what delicious meal kits you would like to try, and you can choose your meals up to four weeks in advance.

The registration and account management side of things for EveryPlate is also very user-friendly. The sign-up process is very straight forward. Once you have signed up, you can completely manage all elements of your account. You can see past orders, pre-select menus, change your meals prior to delivery and update all details of your account including payment options. As an EveryPlate subscriber, you also have access to an online customer support person whenever required.

Dinnerly Website

Bottom line:

We really loved our experience with both EveryPlate and Dinnerly and think they offer meal kit services that provide incredible value for money. They genuinely are the cheapest meal kit companies in America. While it is a close call, our favorite service between the two is EveryPlate. We found that they offer a great variety in their weekly menu and their dishes were delicious, satisfying and contained good-quality ingredients, despite their incredibly low prices.

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