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If you are considering using a meal kit service, you have an endless list of options. There are meal kit services that cater to almost every lifestyle requirement and budget.

When trying to decide which is the best meal kit company for you, the choices can be overwhelming. That is why we provide detailed company comparisons, with all the information you need in order to decide.

Many people’s primary concern when looking at a meal kit service is how expensive it will be. Today we are looking at two of the most affordable meal kits in the market – Dinnerly and EveryPlate.

Dinnerly offers a low-price meal kit service. It is ideal for those who love to cook at home but resent paying too much for their meals. The company is all about making your evening meals easier with tasty, with meals that cost less than $5!

EveryPlate is also focusing on the bottom line by bringing you super affordable meals. The company uses less packaging and keeps things simple, with fewer ingredients.

Dinnerly Vs. EveryPlate –  Dive into a full comparison of $5 Meal Kits

Dinnerly Meal Kit Review
EveryPlate Unbox

EveryPlate and Dinnerly Meal Plans

Dinnerly & EveryPlate both offer two plans that are available on a subscription basis. EveryPlate offers two main plans: 

  • A Two-person plan, with the option of three to five recipes per week.

  • A Four-person plan with three recipes per week.

With Dinnerly, you also have the option with both plans to specify that your boxes be vegetarian. 

EveryPlate and Dinnerly variety and style of meals:

Dinnerly offers a great variety of 16 portion-sized meals in their weekly changing menu. Most of the recipes can be prepared in under 30 minutes. On the menu, you will find vegetarian, low-carb, and child-friendly recipes.

EveryPlate has a weekly changing menu of 11 delicious meals. The meals are generally quite classic, allowing easy cooking without too many pots or complicated processes.

The EveryPlate customers also have the option of choosing a premium meal which is available for an additional $2.99 per serving.

Recently, EveryPlate added two other great features, enabling more flexibility. The first is the “double-up”, that allows you to double the order on selected meals. The second is the modularity option, allowing you to replace the protein in some meals.

Popular Dishes

Both companies offer such a wonderful selection of dishes that it is hard to choose! Here are some mouthwatering examples:

EveryPlate meals:

  • Sweet chili-glazed chicken with scallion rice and zesty carrots

  • Herb butter steak with roasted Brussels sprouts and cheesy potatoes

  • Crispy Ranch pork chops with roasted broccoli

Dinnerly meals:


  • No-stir shrimp scampi risotto with spinach & lemon

  • Seared chicken “Resting in Peas” with scalloped potatoes

  • Bean burrito casserole with cheddar

Steak Frites by EveryPlate
Steak Frites by EveryPlate
Roasted red peppers panini by Dinnerly
Roasted red peppers panini by Dinnerly

Quality of ingredients

When receiving the EveryPlate and Dinnerly boxes, we were impressed by the high quality of the ingredients. Beautiful vegetables and some excellent cuts of meat and chicken. The quality of ingredients is high even though the price is low. Rather than sacrificing the quality of their ingredients, it seems that they are reaching low prices by just keeping things simple!

Dinnerly and EveryPlate state that they use only the best ingredients. They make sure to work with trustworthy suppliers, so you are always cooking with the freshest vegetables and quality proteins – grass-fed ground beef, antibiotic-free chicken, etc.

EveryPlate vs. Dinnerly Meal Taste

Part of our review process at The Meal Kit Review means ordering, cooking, and tasting meals from every company we review. We are pleased to say that we enjoyed our experience with both Dinnerly and EveryPlate. We were even a little surprised at how good everything tasted, given the super affordable prices!

With Dinnerly, the meals were easy to cook and tasted great. They were also generously portioned and very satisfying overall.

Here are some of the meals we tried out of the Dinnerly menu

Likewise, with EveryPlate, we were pleasantly surprised by our experience. It is easy to have low expectations when a meal kit service is so affordably priced, bet we enjoyed everything we tried. Every one of the meals was simple to cook and came with an easy to follow recipe card.


Here are some of the meals we tried out of the EveryPlate menu

Dinnerly Box
EveryPlate review

Dinnerly and EveryPlate Nutritional Value of Meals

With both, the meals are created by a professional culinary team. The meals are well-balanced, with the right proportions of carbs, proteins, and fats.

The menus are focused on including fresh and cooked vegetables. The calorie count per serving ranges from 500 to 900 calories while keeping the portions generous. Both companies offer full details regarding the nutritional values of their meals on the website.

The Box

The Dinnerly and EveryPlate delivery both arrives in a medium-sized labeled box. The proteins are placed at the bottom of the box with enough ice to keep them cool.

Part of keeping the costs down (and being more eco-friendly) is by using minimum packaging. All the individual ingredients are not separated per meal. This required a little sorting after unpacking, but it did not take long to put everything away. The EveryPlate delivery includes some recipe cards, while with Dinnerly, the recipe card is online.


Special Features In The Menu

The menus of both EveryPlate and Dinnerly are presented in a very well organized way. Obviously, their main focus is on delivering delicious and cost-effective dinner solutions.

Each meal on the Dinnerly weekly menu is marked with particular characteristics – dairy-free, gluten-free friendly, vegetarian, low-carb, low-calorie, kid-friendly meals, and more.

In comparison, EveryPlate is more focused on delivering more common meals. The company offers one vegetarian meal and one premium meal every week. All of their meals are relatively easy to cook, with a cooking time ranging between 30-40 minutes.


Both EveryPlate and Dinnerly offer a flexible subscription-only service:

  • Giving the option to skip weeks and/or change your selected plan.
  • Easy online cancelation. There are no long-term commitments. 
  • There is some flexibility in choosing the delivery day, depending on the zip code of your residence. 
  • Dinnerly goes the extra mile in terms of flexibility with their menu selection. They offer a large variety of meals to fit different diet and lifestyle needs. 

Website and Ordering Process

Registering and managing your subscription with both Dinnerly and EveryPlate is accessible and user friendly. You can register, order your meals, change your meal selections, update your details, change payment methods, and manage all your account details. You can also look at future menus and past orders, to keep track of the meals you have tried.

To register, you just need to press the ‘sign up’ button and then follow the order process. This involves choosing your preferred plan, advising your location, selecting delivery times, and paying.

The final step is selecting your meals, and you can choose your meals up to four weeks in advance.

Customer Support

If you need any assistance with your subscription, you can easily contact the EveryPlate and Dinnerly customer service team online chat, email, or phone.

Their support team, from our experience, is very responsive and will get back to you promptly. 

Delivery Area

Both EveryPlate and Dinnerly are currently delivering their services to the vast majority of the continental USA. The delivery dates and times depend on your location. To check their availability in your zone, enter your zip code during the checkout process. 

EveryPlate and Dinnerly – Who Is Our Winner?

We loved our experience with both EveryPlate and Dinnerly. We honestly think they both offer an excellent affordable meal kit service with incredible value for money. Most importantly, both companies provide delicious and very satisfying dinners!

While it is a close call, our favorite service between the two is Dinnerly. Their menu offers a wider variety of exciting meals, with options for kids, low-calorie, and low carb meals.

All the dishes we tried from their menu were delicious and satisfying. The meals also contained good-quality ingredients, despite their incredibly low prices.


  • Super affordable!
  • Simple and easy
  • a Large meal variety
  • What are the benefits of using Dinnerly and EveryPlate?

    Obviously, the biggest benefit of using Dinnerly and EveryPlate is the affordability of their services.

    With meal kits being available at $5 per serving, in many cases, we believe that using a meal kit service such as Dinnerly and EveryPlate will end up saving you money. When you consider how much time is spent on meal planning and then how much money you spend at the supermarket buying individual ingredients, in many cases a service such as Dinnerly and EveryPlate ends up being cheaper! Other benefits include the fact that by having all the grocery shopping, meal planning, and portion control done for you, you will be saving a significant amount of time. Meal kit services offer new menus to try every week so you will be enjoying a great deal of variety with a weekly changing menu. If you have any dietary requirements, you will find managing your lifestyle much easier with meals that fit with your diet while containing all the nutrients you need. Also, by receiving pre-portioned ingredients, you will be eliminating food waste which also saves you money. 

    Why use our Dinnerly vs EveryPlate comparison

    The meal-kit industry is one that has expanded rapidly over the last decade. There are now companies catering to every demographic, with menus that have been designed for almost every imaginable dietary and lifestyle requirement. There are so many companies out there making big promises about providing the best meal kits that it can be almost impossible knowing where to start.

    We created The Meal Kit Review to combat that sense of overwhelm and provide a place where people could go to find all the information they need about the meal kit industry and the individual companies in it.

    Our team at the Meal Kit Review are passionate about meal delivery services and have many years of experience using them personally. We are knowledgeable about all the advantages and disadvantages of meal kit companies and are able to assess companies with the eyes of seasoned professionals. We are proud of our review processes, our attention to detail and our experience, which allows us to present information that is relevant and gathered from first-hand tasting experience. We make sure that each company that is reviewed by The Meal Kit Review is tested personally by at least one of our team. This includes everything from subscribing to updating our account details, speaking to customer support, ordering meals, changing our orders, receiving deliveries and most importantly cooking and tasting the meal kits. This way we can let you know about all the details of each company which includes, (most importantly) how things actually taste!