Veestro Vs Hungry Root

If you are a vegan or wanting to implement more of a plant-based diet into your lifestyle, then you are going to love this meal kit comparison. In our comparison today we are looking at Veestro and Hungryroot, two very different services that are focused on providing a fully plant-based menu. 

The meal delivery industry is one that has rapidly evolved over the last decade and there are now multiple companies offering a range of different services and specialties. If you are looking for a service that caters to your dietary preferences, then it can be hard knowing where to start. The beauty of the Meal Kit Review is that we do all the hard work for you. We trial all companies that we review so we can provide first-hand feedback on all elements of their services including how the meals taste! 

By starting with the Meal Kit Review, you can avoid the sense of overwhelm and be pointed in the direction of the best place to start. Our review today is comparing two companies that offer a 100% plant-based service. These two companies are ideal for those of you who are committed to a vegan lifestyle and for those of you who would like to increase their intake of plant-based ingredients.

Veestro delivers fully prepared meals whereas Hungryroot delivers meal kits. Both companies offer attractive services, but there are a lot of differences between the two companies, so let’s get started with this comparison.

Veestro prepared meals

Quick Review of Veestro and Hungryroot

Veestro is a company that has prioritized convenience. They provide fully prepared 100% plant-based meals. The company was founded on the belief that by increasing your intake of plant-based ingredients, you will greatly improve your overall health outcomes. Their menu is filled with delicious vegan meals that are designed to appeal to all customers, including non-vegans! All the Veestro meals have been designed by chefs and are nutritionally well balanced. Their meals are delivered in eco-friendly packaging. 

Hungryroot is a relative newcomer to the meal kit industry and is based on three important principles. Firstly, their meal kits must be nutritious and filled with whole, trusted ingredients. Secondly, the meals must be easy and quick to prepare in real life. Finally, the meals must taste good! The Hungryroot meals have been designed by chefs, food lovers, and personalization experts and are all about providing a healthy eating experience that is delicious and satisfying. Hungryroot makes it a priority to use recyclable packaging with all their meal kits and deliveries.

Hungryroot Meal Kit Review

The plans offered by Veestro and Hungryroot

Veestro has three plans available:

  • The A La Carte plan allows you to select the meals you would like to receive every week. You can go through the menu at your leisure and simply add your preferred meals to your shopping cart. You can order either 10, 20 or 30 meals every week. 
  • The Chef’s Choice plan includes either 10, 20 or 30 plans selected for you by the Veestro chef. 
  • The Weight Loss plan includes a daily menu of three meals totaling 1200 calories. You can opt for a 5-day or a 7-day plan. 

Hungryroot is quite different in that there are no specific plans. Basically, you can order as many meals and snacks as you like. With Hungryroot, ultimately you can design a plan that suits your needs.  

The menus offered by Veesrto and Hungry Roots

The Veestro menu is filled with a delicious range of options for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. Each meal is crafted by professional chefs before being flash-frozen for delivery direct to your door. Veestro seems to have something for everyone which includes soups, salads, desserts, snacks, and even juices. 

Unfortunately, we found that the Hungryroot concept is a little confusing. Customers are unable to access the menu options via their website without an account and are only able to see individual ingredients. Their ingredients and recipe pairings are meant to result in easy to prepare meals such as pasta, salads, market plates, flatbreads, veggie noodles, grain bowls, stir-fries, and wraps. We felt that the offerings from Hungryroot were not as enjoyable or as satisfying as the menu options from Veestro. 

veestro meal kits review

Quality of ingredients of Veestro and Hungry Root

Veestro is dedicated to delivering fully prepared, 100% plant-based meals that are filled with quality, delicious ingredients. Veestro is very much based on the philosophy that by increasing your intake of plant-based ingredients, you will improve your health, energy, vitality, and outlook. They only use the best ingredients to ensure that you get the most out of your Veestro experience. Their ingredients are hand-picked, 100% plant-based, organic and sustainable. The high quality of ingredients is very much evident in the delicious meals that Veestro provides.  

Once again, we were a little disappointed with Hungryroot. There is very little information on their website about how and where their ingredients are sourced. Nor is there any statement from Hungryroot as to their expectations when it comes to the quality of ingredients. They do advise that their ingredients are free of preservatives and refined sugars. 

The delivery

As your Veestro meals are fully prepared there is no sorting required! All you need to do is to place your meals and snacks in the freezer or pantry until you are ready to eat them. Each dish arrives in labeled packaging that includes the name of the dish, heating instructions, and nutritional information. The delivery itself is an insulated recyclable box that contains enough ice with the contents to ensure that your meals remain frozen. 

The Hungryroot delivery also arrives in a specially designed recyclable box. The contents are protected by recyclable insulation and packed with non-toxic gel ice packs. With Hungryroot you will need to allow a little time for unpacking and sorting your delivery. To work out which ingredients go with each meal, you will need to refer to your recipes which can be found on your order slip or via your online account, 

Quinoa risotto bowl by Hungryroot
Quinoa risotto bowl by Hungryroot
Pasta bolognese by veestro
Pasta bolognese by veestro

The website and ordering process

Both Veestro and Hungryroot have provided websites that are easy to navigate and allow you to establish your accounts in a stress-free way. Once you have created an account you can specify your desired plan (Veestro) and then select the number of meals and snacks you would like to order (both Veestro and Hungryroot). You need to subscribe to access both these services, but you can skip a week whenever required or cancel without any issues of having to pay a penalty. 

Bottom line

Veestro and Hungryroot offer plant-based services so they are a convenient and cost-effective way of increasing your intake of plant-based ingredients. We did find quite a few differences between these two services, and our preference is Veestro. 

Veestro was awarded the VEG NEWS 2018 Veggie Award. This award is a strong reflection on the incredible meals they create that are filled with the most delicious and healthy quality ingredients. We also appreciated the fact that they only use organic ingredients which further highlights the fact they provide a service that will help you to achieve healthy lifestyle goals. As their meals are fully prepared, Veestro is all about convenience. This, combined with the fact that the quality of their ingredients was second to none and their meals tasted delicious, made them the clear winner for us in this comparison.


  • Delicious and require no preparation
  • All ingredients are organic, high quality
  • Large meal variety
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