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Weekly meal kit subscription services were created for convenience! They make your life so much easier by delivering fresh, pre-portioned ingredients and delicious and easy-to-prepare recipes to your home. If you are new to the world of meal kits, you might first ask if they are worth the money, and then ask which company is the best for you?

We are meal kit fanatics, and we know for a fact that meal kit services are worth the money. Regarding the second question, never fear, as we are here to help. We understand that it can be confusing navigating your way through the world of meal kit companies. However, it is our mission to provide all the information you need to decide which is the best company for you. 

At the Meal Kit Review, our experienced team tries first-hand all the companies that we review, so we can provide full details of our experiences. Today, after extensive research, we are providing another fabulous meal kit comparison. 

We are focusing on two of the major players in the meal kit industry – Home Chef and Hello Fresh. Both companies are well-known, highly respected and have been around for a long time.  Home Chef is a company that is all about bringing delicious new versions of classic meals to your family dinner table. Hello Fresh is a German-based company, and also happens to be the most popular meal kit service in the US. 

So, let’s get started – Hello Fresh Vs. Home Chef.  Who will be your winner in this meal kit battle?

Cheddar & Crispy Potato Crusted Chicken by Home Chef
Cheddar & Crispy Potato Crusted Chicken by Home Chef
Mediterranean veggies hello fresh
Mediterranean veggies by Hello Fresh

Home Chef  Vs. HelloFresh: The Plans 

Home Chef offers one very flexible subscription plan, with the option to deliver weekly meals for 2, 4 or 6 people. This plan includes vegetarian recipes and 5-minute no cooking lunch dishes There is a minimum order requirement of  2 dishes per week, with no maximum order limitations. 

In comparison, Hello Fresh offers four different plans. Each plan caters to 2 or 4 people with 2,4 or 6 recipes per week.

  1. Meat and Veggies Plan: a choice of 16 meal options per week 
  2. Family Plan: a choice of around 7 meal options per week
  3. Veggie Plan: a choice of  3 meal options per week
  4. Calorie smart: a choice of  3 low-calorie meals per week.

HelloFresh and Home Chef: meal variety and style

Home Chef offers an impressive selection of 18 different meals every week. The weekly menu includes a few vegetarian and no-cooking-required lunch dishes. There are also a few dishes suitable for specific dietary needs like low calorie, low-carb and more. Home Chef also offers a unique “Customize It” feature with many of their meals. This feature gives customers the option to change, double or upgrade the protein in those meals. The Home Chef menu takes you on a trip around the world as it is rich with different culinary influences. Meals range from Tex-Mex to classic American,  fine European and many different styles of Asian dishes.

Hello Fresh has recently expanded their menu range, and they now offer a similar number of dishes to Home Chef with 19 dishes available every week.  Hello Fresh also offers a menu with many international culinary styles such as Mexican, Asian, Italian, American and more. 

Home Chef Box Review
Home Chef Products
Apricot Chicken by Hello Fresh
Hello Fresh Box meal delivery bags

The Home Chef and Hello Fresh meals 

At the Meal Kit Review, we make extra effort to make sure that we try every company we review first-hand. This includes cooking and tasting a selection of meals from each company. 

Some of the meals that we tried and loved from the Home Chef menu were: Corn and Black Bean Burrito, Salmon Tacos with Queso Fresco and Crispy Jalapeños, and the more classic dish Steak au Poivre

A few examples of meals we tried from Hello Fresh menu: Tropical Fish Tacos, Classic Beef Chilli and Speedy Shrimp. 

The quality of products of Home Chef and Hello Fresh

Both Home Chef and Hello Fresh use consistently high-quality ingredients in all their meal kits. 

Home Chef has partnered with some first-class food suppliers such as Paysan Breton Butter, ‘World Wide farms’ for farm-fresh herbs and vegetables and ‘Sea to Table’ for sustainably sourced seafood.

Hello Fresh uses meats that are primarily domestically sourced with no added hormones. They state that all their poultry is both antibiotic and hormone-free. Their pork is certified to be hormone-free, and the seafood is naturally and sustainably sourced. Hello Fresh vegetables are not always organic, but the quality is always excellent. 

Hello Fresh states that their focus is on trying to help customers take the necessary steps to include more fruits and vegetables in their everyday lives, rather than focusing on whether something is organic or not.

Home chef box
Home Chef Box
Hello Fresh box
Hello Fresh Box

Special menu features offered by Home Chef and Hello Fresh

Hello Fresh offers a huge menu of 19 meals per week. Every week the menu includes options that cater to many different lifestyle and dietary needs. Choices include family-friendly meals, low- calorie, vegetarian and pescatarian options. They also have some great options like gourmet meals, hall of fame meals (their most popular dishes) and changing weekly specials such as craft burger meals!

Home Chef also offers a huge menu of 18 weekly dishes that cater for many dietary and lifestyle needs. What’s handy about their on-line menu is that each meal is marked accordingly, so finding meals that suit your needs is a relatively straightforward process. The company offers some vegetarian and seafood options so the menu also easily fits the needs of pescatarians.

The Home Chef menu includes some express meals that are designed to be ready in 15 minutes and are suitable for both lunch and dinner, some oven-ready meals and some salad options. There is also the option to purchase a protein or a seafood pack that contains an array of proteins or seafood to use at other mealtimes during the week.

Home Chef and Hello Fresh Nutritional values 

With both Hello Fresh and Home Chef, we noticed that the meals are packed with nutritious ingredients. Not only that, but they seem to be balanced in terms of carbs, healthy fresh vegetables, and portion sizes. With both companies, the calorie count is quite different from meal to meal and can range from around 500 for the low-calorie meals to 800 calories or higher for the more calorie-rich dishes. Home Chef also offers some great 5-minute salad options that are very low on the calorie count and can drop as low as 250 calories per serving!

It is important to note that both companies fully detail the calorie count and other important nutritional facts of each dish in their on-line menu.

Parmesan Crusted Salmon by Home chef
Parmesan Crusted Salmon by Home Chef
Saucy Thyme Steak By Hello Fresh
Saucy Thyme Steak By HelloFresh

The Home Chef and Hello Fresh Box

Both companies provide their deliveries in aesthetically pleasing carton boxes that are professionally labeled with the company logo. Inside the box, both companies ensure that the individual meal kit ingredients are sorted, bagged and labeled. This makes unpacking stress-free and it takes no time at all to unpack your delivery. Both companies place any ingredients that need to be refrigerated, such as meat, seafood, and tofu at the bottom of the box with sufficient ice. This ensures that your order stays at the appropriate temperature during the delivery process and can also be left outside for some time without concern for the integrity of any of the ingredients. 

Both companies appear to be committed to ensuring that their meal kits reach customers in the best condition possible while doing as much as possible to reduce packaging waste and to embrace environmentally-friendly practices. Hence, their box, plastic bags, and plastic containers can be fully recycled. The Icepacks are non-toxic and can be easily rinsed off and reused at your home. If you prefer to dispose of them, you simply throw the contents in the trash and recycle the plastic bag.

Home Chef and Hello Fresh Flexibility

Both companies are only available as a subscription service. However, the subscription gives customers the flexibility to skip weeks whenever necessary. They also offer some flexibility in selecting your preferred delivery date, depending on your residential address. Canceling your account can be completed online with both Home Chef and Hello Fresh, and if you need any assistance, you can contact their support team, and they respond very quickly.

Both companies offer the option of a refund if you are not satisfied with a meal or received some bad ingredients. In the event that you are not satisfied with any element of your delivery, the company urges you to contact them within a few days, and they will promptly address your dissatisfaction.

Home Chef goes the extra mile in terms of flexibility, and they offer the added option to customize most of their meals. That means that you can change, upgrade or double the amount of protein in your selected meal to best suit your needs and preferences. 

The Home Chef and Hello Fresh delivery area

Home Chef currently delivers to 98% of the United States. To check if Home Chef delivers to your area, you can enter your zip code at the beginning of the sign-up process and their system will let confirm if you are in the delivery zone. 

Hello Fresh currently deliver to all states across the continental of US. Unfortunately, they do not deliver to Hawaii and Alaska.

Bottom Line

For us, we have to say that both Home Chef and Hello Fresh are fabulous meal kit options that are ranked in our top favorite companies. Both Home Chef and Hello Fresh are ideal for people who seek delicious, classic and familiar dishes, filled with quality ingredients. HelloFresh tends to keep the meals more classic and simple (yet super yummy) while Home Chef is inclined to offer more variety and their plans are a little more flexible, especially with their option to customize meals.

For us, the results were very close, but when the votes came in, Home Chef was the winner!


  • Meals are delicious! Familiar but always with an interesting twist
  • Ready in about 30-minutes
  • Best value for money
  • Great quality of ingredients
  • What are the benefits of using Home Chef and HelloFresh?

    Both Home Chef and Hello Fresh are long-established meal kit delivery companies that excel in providing meal kits that include delicious recipes combined with the best-quality ingredients. The most obvious benefit of using a meal kit delivery service is obviously the convenience.

    These companies do your meal planning, recipe writing, grocery shopping and portion control for you. Convenience is undoubtedly a huge factor, and the time-saving benefits can make life a lot easier. When it comes to quality companies like Home Chef and Hello Fresh, you will also find yourself eating very well. Meal kits include ingredients that are nutritionally well-balanced and portion-controlled so you will be eating only as much as your body needs. As these types of companies also ensure to use only the best ingredients, often organic, sustainably sourced and hormone-free, you will know that you are consuming the best types of ingredients for your body. By using companies such as Home Chef and Hello Fresh you will be both more organized and eating better than ever before!

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