The meal-kit industry is always keeping up with the latest food trends, and as such, it is constantly evolving. Possibly the most recent dietary trend that is growing in popularity and looks like it is here to stay is food that is both healthy and organic.

As the meal kit industry has expanded so rapidly, with many new companies now offering meal delivery services,  it can be a difficult and confusing process working out which company is best for you.

Never fear though – the Meal Kit Review is here, helping you navigate your way around the world of meal delivery services!

We order, cook and taste every meal kit we review, so you know that our information comes from the first-hand experience.

Today we are going to be looking at two companies that specialize in providing the best organic and healthy meal kit services – Sun Basket and Green Chef.

Both Sun Basket and Green Chef make it their priority to create and deliver meal kits that use only the best organic ingredients that provide you with optimal nutritional values. They both also specialize in creating meals that cater to many specialty diets like vegan, keto and more.

Obviously, these two companies have many similarities, but there are also some important differences. Keep reading for our comprehensive comparison between the two companies which will allow you to choose the company best suited for you!

Sun Basket vs Green Chef plans

Sun Basket offers an extensive range of plans on a subscription basis for either 2 or 4 people. Their plans are as follows:

  • Carb-Conscious – delicious meals with no more than 25-35g net carbs  and at least 25g of protein per serving.
  • Paleo – clean, protein-rich recipes filled with fresh vegetables, quality meats and seafood, and free of dairy, gluten, grains, soy, and corn.
  • lean & clean – delicious low-calorie meals designed to help you easily manage your weight. Meals are filled with lean proteins and clean ingredients and are free of gluten, soy, and dairy. Approximately 550 calories per serving.
  • Gluten-free friendly – gluten-free meals containing fresh vegetables, quality meats, and seafood, plus many of Sun Basket’s favorite gluten-free alternatives.
  • Vegan – meatless recipes that use seasonal and organic plant-based proteins and vegetables.
  • Mediterranean – mouthwatering recipes filled with seasonal produce, responsibly raised meat & wild-caught seafood paired with whole grains, good fats, and many fresh herbs.
  • Quick & Easy – meals designed to get dinner on the table with a minimum of time & effort.
  • Pescatarian – a plan that combines the benefits of a vegetarian diet, rich in seasonal organic produce, with the addition of wild-caught and sustainably sourced seafood and fish.
  • Vegetarian – creative recipes featuring fresh, organic vegetables and fruits, responsibly sourced dairy and organic eggs.
  • Diabetes-Friendly – healthy, delicious meals created to meet the needs of the diabetes diet.
  • Chef’s Choice – hand-picked recipes, chosen by Sun Basket’s chefs, highlighting peak seasonal produce, quality meats and seafood, and their one of a kind house-made sauces.

Green Chef offers two types of subscriptions, which you can change from week to week if you desire.

  • A two-person plan with three meals per week – a total of six servings. This subscription is offered with the following plans:
    • Keto – a menu that offers gluten-free dinners that are ideal for making low-carb lifestyles less complicated.
    • Paleo – recipes that are packed with quality protein, without any gluten, grain, dairy, or soy. Designed especially for the paleo diet follower.
    • Balanced Living – a diverse and flexible menu that has plenty of choices, including meat, seafood, and vegetarian dinners. Most suitable for a low-calorie healthy diet.
    • Plant-Powered – A plan that takes plant-based meals to the next level. Perfect for vegetarians and vegans.
  • A four-person family plan with two meals per week – a total of eight servings. This subscription offers two different plans, as follows:
    • Family-Omnivore – a diverse range of dinners that are suitable for parents and kids alike.
    • Family-Carnivore – meat dinners that both parents and kids will love.
Simple Steak Salad with Sweet Potatoes And Green Chermoula
Simple Steak Salad by Sun Basket
stuffed cod fish
stuffed cod fish by Green Chef

Sun Basket and Green Chef variety and style of dishes

Sun Basket and Green Chef are focused on bringing healthy, organic food to your table. Dishes offered by both companies are filled with delicious organic ingredients and offer the healthiest of meal kit options. From our experience, after cooking and tasting meals from both Sun Basket and Green Chef, what you receive is always of the highest quality and tastes great! It is important to note that Sun Basket and Green Chef not only provide the best organic meal kit options, but they also believe that the ease of preparation is very important.  Sun Basket makes the promise that most of their meals will take only 30 minutes to prepare using easy-to-follow recipes. Often the time it takes to cook Sun Basket’s meals is even shorter! Most Sun Basket dishes that we prepared took only 20-25 minutes and turned out beautifully!

Sun Basket offers an amazing variety of 18 dinner dishes per week, plus lots of great options for lunch, breakfast, protein packs and pantry items like organic pasta, special house sauces, oils and more. Within their weekly meals, you will find selections suitable for many dietary requirements such as vegan, Mediterranean, pescatarian, paleo, gluten-free, lean & clean, vegetarian and diabetes.  You can mix and match the meals from different diet plans. Moreover – Sun Basket offers a great flexible option of customizing some of their selected meals, giving you the ability to change the protein of the meal from a list of other proteins like meat, poultry, seafood, tofu and more.

On the other hand, Green Chef has 7 weekly menus for different lifestyles which include paleo, vegan/vegetarian, keto, balanced living, omnivore, and carnivore. When subscribing to Green Chef, you will need to select one plan from all these menus, and Green Chef offers a number of nutritious and delicious meals as part of each weekly plan option.

Sun Basket and Green Chef special features:

Both Sun Basket and Green Chef are very much focused on creating yummy solutions for many special dietary requirements. Sun Basket has created special meals for diets such as paleo, keto, vegan, Meditteranean, diabetes, pescatarian and more. Green Chef also offers menus that cater to keto, paleo, low-calorie, vegan and vegetarian diets. If you need to follow a special diet, then undoubtedly, one of these companies will be your best choice.

Recipes from Sun Basket and Green Chef:

At the meal kit review, we take pride in tasting meals from every meal kit company we review. Here are a few examples of dishes that we tried from both Sun Basket and Green Chef.

From the Sun Basket menu:

  • Spanish-style chicken and quinoa with fire-roasted tomatoes
  • Pork chops with pear mostarda and wilted kale
  • Steak and sweet potato fries with kale and mushrooms

From the Green Chef menu:

  • Herb-seasoned meatballs & orzo with butternut squash, sautéed kale & roasted red peppers
  • Chili con carne with Monterey Jack, black beans and jalapeño cornbread
  • Lemon-herb chicken with rice trio, apple salad, creamy caper-tomato sauce
Sun Basket Paleo Review
Sun Basket Products
Green chef unboxing review
Green Chef Products

Sun Basket and Green Chef quality of ingredients

Both Sun Basket and Green Chef offer meal kits that use incredible ingredients. Sun Basket makes the reassuring promise that they only use organic and sustainably sourced ingredients. The company prioritizes suppliers who use environmentally-friendly methods when it comes to food production. This includes fishermen that use low-impact fishing methods, ranchers that respectfully treat the animals and growers that are pioneers in sustainable crop rotation and water efficiency.

On the other side, Green Chef is a USDA certified organic company, and as a result, uses only organic and sustainably sourced ingredients from a trusted network of ranchers, farmers, fishermen, and artisans.

The Sun Basket and Green Chef eco-friendly box

Both companies use specifically designed boxes to deliver their meals kits. Both Sun Basket and Green Chef also provide deliveries with well-organized contents, so minimal sorting is required, and unpacking is a breeze.  Both Sun Basket and Green Chef ensure that the ingredients of each meal are individually wrapped, labeled and organized. In both boxes, the proteins that require refrigeration are placed at the bottom of the box surrounded by ice, which means that the boxes can stay outside for a few hours without requiring refrigeration.

As for being eco-friendly, both companies are going the extra mile! The Sun Basket delivery boxes use 100% recyclable and compostable packaging. That includes the box, insulating materials, ice-packs and the plastic and paper used to wrap the ingredients.

For Green Chef, ’Green‘ is a major part of their philosophy. The company believes in sustainability and green innovation! The Green Chef’s packaging is recyclable, reusable or compostable, wherever possible. They also offset 100% of their carbon emissions from their operations, including the shipment of every single box that you receive.

Sun Basket Box
Sun Basket Box
green chef review
Green Chef Box

Sun Basket vs Green Chef app and website

Sun Basket offers an attractive, well organized and easy to use website and app so that your plan can be completely managed online. You can register, select your plan and desired dishes. All 18 dishes on the weekly menu are available for order, so you can mix vegetarian and meat dishes, paleo and gluten-free, and so on. You can also define your dietary preferences and change your payment method.

Green Chef does not offer an app as its user-friendly website is mobile optimized. Everything you need to do in terms of your account can be accomplished on their website. You can register, select your plan, change your payment method and cancel your account.

Sun Basket vs Green Chef – flexibility

Both companies provide a subscription service. However, this subscription comes with a large amount of flexibility. With both, you can skip weeks if necessary, change plans and easily cancel your account online through the account management area.

They also offer some flexibility in selecting your preferred delivery date, depending on your residential address. If you need any assistance with your subscription, you can contact their support team online, and they respond very quickly.

Both companies offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. That means that if you are not satisfied with a meal or received some bad ingredients, the company urges you to contact them within a few days and they will properly handle your issue.

Sun Basket goes the extra mile in terms of flexibility. Even though they have many different plans, their 18 per-week menu is available, regardless of the plan you are on. You can choose any meal you wish, which gives you many different culinary options!

Sun Basket and Green Chef delivery areas

Sun Basket currently ships its meal kits to most zip codes in the United States, excluding AK and HI, and parts of ND, MT, and NM. Deliveries are scheduled Monday through Thursday between 8am and 9pm, depending on your delivery area. You are not required to be home when the delivery arrives.

Green Chef delivers almost everywhere in the continental US. The company currently does not deliver to Alaska, Hawaii, and parts of Louisiana. Their meal kits are delivered Monday through Saturday, and you are able to choose which weekday you prefer to have your boxes delivered, depending on where you live. Green Chef deliveries arrive between 8 am and 9 pm local time.

Bottom line

Both companies offer impressive organic and health-focused meal kit services!! Their services offer the best organic ingredients and chef-designed meals that give you the ultimate healthy taste experience for at-home dining.

We don’t have a clear preference, but from our experience, Sun Basket would be our top choice for the best organic meal kits and healthy meal kits. That is due to the diversity and flexibility of its menu, the super easy to follow recipes and the fact that the flavors of their meals have never disappointed us.


  • Only organic and sustainably sourced ingredients
  • Amazing variety of 18 weekly recipes
  • Great options for special dietary needs - gluten-free, vegan, paleo and more
  • Most meals are ready in about 30-minute.
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