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The meal kit industry is constantly evolving, keeping up with the latest food trends, and one trend  that many people are now focussing on is food that is both healthy and organic. As there are always new companies joining this industry, it can be difficult or confusing working out which company is best suited to your needs, and that is where we come in to help!

Today we are going to look at two companies that specialize in providing the best organic and healthy meal kits.  

These two companies are Sun Basket and Green Chef.  Both of which make it their priority to create and deliver meal kits that use only the best organic ingredients and provide you with the optimal nutritional content.  Obviously these two companies have many similarities but there are also some important differences which is what we are here for!

We will provide a comprehensive comparison between the two companies which will allow you to choose the company best suited for you!

Variety of plan

There are two different plan options offered by Sun Basket, both of which include dishes that are suitable for many different diets. You can mix and match dishes from the lean & clean, paleo, gluten-free, Mediterranean selections and more!

  • The Classic Menu provides two or three recipes per week for two or four people.
  • The Family Menu, provides two, three, or four recipes per week for four people.

Green Chef also offers two types of plans, which you can change from week to week if you desire.

  • Two-person plan that comes with three meals per week – total of six servings
  • Four-person plan that comes with two meals per week – total of eight servings
Simple Steak Salad with Sweet Potatoes And Green Chermoula
Simple Steak Salad by Sun Basket
stuffed cod fish
stuffed cod fish by Green Chef

Variety of dishes

Sun Basket offers an amazing variety of 18 dishes per week.  Within these dishes you will find selections suitable for many dietary requirements such as vegan, Mediterranean, pescatarian, paleo, gluten-free, lean & clean, vegetarian and diabetes.  

On the other hand, Green Chef has 7 weekly menus for different lifestyles which include paleo, vegan, keto, omnivore, carnivore, vegetarian and gluten-free. When subscribing, you will need to select one plan from all these menus, and Green Chef offers three nutritious and delicious meals as part of each weekly plan option.  

Both Sun Basket and Green Chef are focussed on providing organic and healthy meal kits to their customers, so all their dishes in both companies are filled with delicious organic ingredients and offer the healthiest of meal kit options.  

Style and complexity of dishes

Our experience has shown us that everything you receive from both Sun Basket and Green Chef is always very good! It is important to note that Sun Basket and Green Chef not only provide the best organic meal kit options, but they also believe that the ease of preparation is very important.  Sun Basket makes the promise that most of their meals will take only 30 minutes to prepare using easy-to-follow recipes. Often the time it takes to cook Sun Basket’s meals is even shorter! Most Sun Basket dishes that we prepared took only 20-25 minutes and turned out beautifully!

Green Chef is also a big believer in convenience and as a company they have made this a priority along with the quality of their ingredients.  Their meal kits include healthy and organic dinners that can be on your tables within 30 minutes.

Here are a few examples of dishes that we tried from Sun Basket and Green Chef.

Quality of Products

Both Sun Basket and Plated offer meal kits that use incredible ingredients. Sun Basket makes the reassuring promise that they only use organic and sustainably sourced ingredients.

Green Chef is a USDA certified organic company and as a result, use only organic and sustainably sourced ingredients from a trusted network of ranchers, farmers, fishermen and artisans.

Sun Basket Paleo Review
Sun Basket Products
Green Chef Box
Green Chef Products

The Box:

Both companies use specifically designed boxes to deliver their meals kits. Both companies also provide deliveries that are well organized inside, so unpacking is a breeze and there is minimal sorting required. with both Sun Basket and Green Chef, Ingredients of each meal are individually wrapped, labeled and organized. In both boxes, the proteins that require refrigeration are placed at the bottom surrounded by ice which means that the boxes can stay outside for few hours without requiring refrigeration.  

Sun Basket Box
Sun Basket Box
Green Chef Box
Green Chef Box

The App and Website

Sun Basket offers an attractive, well organized and easy to use website and app. Your plan can be completely managed online.  You can register, select your plan and desired dishes – and all 18 dishes on the weekly menu are available for order, so you can mix vegetarian and meat dishes, paleo and gluten free and so on. You can also define your eating preferences and change your payment method.

Green Chef does not offer an app as their user-friendly website is mobile optimized. Everything you need to do in terms of your account can be completed via their website. You can register, select your plan, change your payment method and cancel your account.

Plan terms

To use the services of both companies a subscription is required.  However, this subscription comes with a certain amount of flexibility. You can skip weeks if necessary and you can also easily cancel your account online.  With Green Chef you will find the cancellation process quite easy via their website. With Sun Basket it is a little harder to find, as you need to go through the customer support link on the website, but the option is there when required.

Bottom line:

Both companies offer a great meal kit service when you are searching for the best organic and healthy meal kits! Both companies offer the best organic ingredients and create chef-designed meals that give you the ultimate healthy taste experience. yet, we do have a clear preference – From our experience, Green Chef would be our top choice for the best organic meal kits and healthy meal kits.

That is due to the diversity and flexibility of its menu and to the fact that the flavors of their meals have never disappointed us.


  • Only organic and sustainably sourced ingredients
  • Great options for special dietary needs - gluten-free, vegan, paleo and more
  • Affordable pricing

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