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30 minutes

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Apricot Chicken by Hello Fresh

A meal that was both delicious and could also help you achieve weight loss goals.


As this dish appeared to be a classic dish of chicken breast, white rice and green beans, we were a little sceptical about how good it would taste. But we are happy to report that  we were pleasantly surprised!

The two elements that made this dish so yummy were firstly, the incredible quality of the ingredients included in this dish. The green beans were super fresh and generously portioned, and the chicken breast was fresh and obviously of the highest quality.

Secondly,  the apricot-ginger sauce was amazing!

It tasted absolutely beautiful and was super easy to prepare as well! The sweet fruity flavors from the apricot jam combined perfectly with the aromatic and zesty ginger flavors!

This delicious Apricot Ginger Chicken meal is one of the new ‘calorie-smart’ recipe options on the new Hello Fresh weekly menu. The ‘calorie-smart’ menu items are all healthy, well-balanced meals with a low calorie count of around 600 or less per serving. This meal had only 570 calories per serving – so we enjoyed both the fact that it was delicious, and the fact that it was also assisting with our weight loss at the same time. A true win-win.

  • Post published:April 12, 2019
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