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Yummy! 95%
Mediterranean veggies hello fresh

This Baked Veggies dish is part of the vegetarian meals collection from Hello Fresh


We love tasting Mediterranean style dishes, so we were excited about this one. We are happy to report that it did not disappoint! The base of this dish is the Israeli couscous, which are tiny toasted pasta pieces that become fluffy and delicious once you cook them. Topping the couscous, was a lovely vegetable combination of thyme leaves and roasted sweet grape tomatoes that was delicious. The dish was finished beautifully by the creaminess of the Feta cheese and the crunchiness of the sliced almonds that topped the dish and added some extra texture and taste

Like always with Hello Fresh, the quality of the products that we received was amazing! The only negative comment we had about  this meal is that it was missing some protein and could have used some chickpeas or a fried egg to finish it off.

This Baked Veggies dish is part of the vegetarian meals collection from Hello Fresh. It is also part of the new calories-smart menu selection offered by Hello Fresh. This menu has been created with a focus on healthy, balanced and relatively low-calorie count meals of around 600 or less. This dish had only 500 calories per serving.

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