Keto Diet Benefits

What is the Keto Diet?

The Keto Diet is based on the idea of ketones and ketosis. When we eat, our food – carbs especially – is broken down into glucose, which provides energy. When glucose levels fall too low to provide our energy needs, the body starts burning fat instead. The acids which are produced – ketones – begin to build up.  In this process – ketosis – ketones become the source of energy. So instead of burning sugar, the body is now burning up stored fat.

What can and cannot be eaten in the Keto Diet

In short, fats are to be eaten rather than carbs. Generally that means fat levels are high; protein levels are moderate. These are the best foods for the Keto plan:*

👌Can Eat

🚫Cannot Eat

AvocadosFoods with high sugar and starch content such as cakes, rice and grain-based baked goods
Animal-based sources of omega-3 fats – such as wild-caught salmon, sardines and anchoviesProcessed foods
Raw cacao butter,  raw grass-fed butter and LardTrans-fat and highly refined polyunsaturated vegetable oils
Grass-fed meatsHigh amounts of omega-6 polyunsaturated fats
Organic cage-free eggsSoy products
Natural oils like coconut oil and olive oilSugary drinks such as carbonated beverages and fruit juices
Raw nuts and seeds- such as macadamia, almonds, pecans, sesame, hemp, and cuminAnimal products from concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFOs)
Low-carb vegetables with high fiber- such as broccoli, spinach, zucchiniFruits high in sugars

👍Benefits of the Keto diet

  • Fast weight loss – Due to a lower intake of non-fiber carbohydrates resulting in excessively low sugar levels, the body needs to access and burn fat for fuel. The result is faster weight loss, which is particularly helpful for those fighting obesity.
  • Reducing appetite – A diet so low in simple carbs results in a low carb requirement, thus eliminating the cravings for carbs while reducing the feeling of constant hunger.
  • Increasing levels of HDL, the good cholesterol – Yes, it’s good because it takes LDL cholesterol from the body and moves it to the liver. The liver either excretes it or re-uses it. With ketosis, as the HDL levels increase, the triglyceride levels decrease. As triglycerides decrease, the risk of heart disease also decreases.
  • Reducing blood sugar levels – When the sugar level in the body is reduced, the level of insulin produced in the body also goes down. This decreases the risk of type 2 diabetes, and even reverses type 2 diabetes which is already present.
  • Improving heart health and good for lowering blood pressure – Because the low carb and low sugar consumption lowers blood pressure, it improves heart health and lowers risk of heart disease.
  • Better brain function – When the body burns glucose for energy, it produces secondary free radicals, which may in turn damage the mitochondria and cause foggy brain. Burning the cleaner healthy fats as fuel may help repair this damage, leading to improvement in mental clarity and brain function.
  • Improved body mass – By decreasing oxidation, ketones increase levels of leucine, an amino acid which helps in building body mass and muscle mass.
  • Lowered risk of chronic inflammation – Burning sugar for energy produces secondary free radicals,  which are the cause of inflammation and premature degeneration.

👎The negative side of the Keto Diet  

Beginning the Keto Diet can immediately cause more serious side effects, such as Constipation, Sluggishness and Low blood sugar. The body’s primary and preferred source of energy is glucose. Going on the Keto Diet requires an immediate adjustment due to the drastic elimination of carbs, which may result in the above three problems. Therefore, you may conclude that the Keto Diet is neither sustainable nor healthy for the long-term and the goal of reaching optimal wellness.

Staying on the ketogenic diet for a long period can have negative health effects. These include increased risk of:

  • Developing kidney stones
  • High acid levels in the blood (acidosis)
  • Severe weight loss
  • Muscle degeneration

Solutions for maintaining Keto Diet

Now that you know the pros and cons of a Keto Diet, consider beginning a quality Keto Diet. If you’ve already chosen a Keto Diet, you’ve probably encountered the diet blahs and want more variety. We’ve found that, using a meal kit service is an easy and painless way to accomplish this! There are few meal kit services which offer excellent choices for Keto Diet devotees. When you subscribe to a meal kit, every week you’ll receive a box at your door which includes 100% Keto-based, pre-portioned, ready-to-cook meals.

We’ve concluded that when it comes to a Keto Diet, Sun Basket offers the best plan. even though Sun Basket does not have an official keto plan, among their 18 weekly dishes you will always find enough low carb and high protein dishes to match your keto dietary needs. so you can be confident that you can omit the carbs without feeling deprived.

Their meals are full of fresh vegetables, top quality meats and seafood, plus Sun Basket chef’s favourite special sauces. the company insist on obtaining meats, eggs and produce from farmers following organic sustainable practices, fish and seafood that are wild-caught and from fishermen who engage in responsible and sustainable fishing practices.

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