Parmesan Crusted Salmon by Home chef

Parmesan Crusted Salmon by Home Chef


30 minutes

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Yummy! 95%
Parmesan Crusted Salmon by Home chef

Another super easy, healthy and delicious dinner was served!


This was a very classic dish that includes some wonderful flavors. We loved the crunchy panko-parmesan crust and enjoyed the crisp side salad of fresh arugula, palm tomatoes and fresh shallots with a balsamic vinaigrette.

We have to say that like always with Home Chef, the quality of ingredients was excellent. The recipe was very easy to prepare and took less than 30 minutes. All we needed to do was cut the veggies, make the parmesan panko crust and roast the salmon. Finally, we prepped the very easy balsamic vinaigrette and mixed it with the fresh salad.

That’s it! Another super easy, healthy and delicious dinner was served!

Unique to Home Chef meal kits and something that we love is the “customize it” option. This option was available for this meal, which means that you can switch the included protein to one of the following –  sirloin steak, skinless chicken breast or pork chops. It is lovely to have the option to switch things up a bit if you desire!

Two other things that are appealing about this dish is that it is low in calories and low in carbs. Each serving had only 431 calories and 20 grams of carbs, so it is a great option for those of you who are seeking weight loss meal kit options

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